Week 5 and 6 Reflection-Khady Seck

Week 5-

Have you ever thought why teenagers are so addicted to video games? Many people especially parents would think “oh maybe its just a phase” or “its fun and exciting for them”. But one main importance of video games that many fail to realize, even teenagers themselves, is that video games are actually good for your health. Although it may not seem like it being that all you do is sit around and play the them, video games do have positives and the act of being healthy is one of them.

According to the Forbes article page on health and video games, there are multiple ways that video games are good for your health. The first and most important reason is that when playing certain video games like shootings for example, the player is more focused and has “accurate attention”, “higher visual processing” and “enhanced mental rotation abilities”. With that being said, video games are good for your health because it is enhancing different parts of your brain as you play. Your attention span is increasing and becoming better, your eyesight as well as you mental abilities are all benefiting from the video games.

Prior to learning how video games benefited your health, I believed it was a total waste of time. But after watching videos like the Gaming for Health, I now think everyone should give it a try.

If you found out that a certain activity is actually good for you and can enhance different parts of your brain and vision then it always worth a try.


Week 6-

In week 6, one of the articles read was on the different apps that are focused on health and fitness and are available to download on many smartphone devices but fail to have evidence of how effective they are as well as accuracy.

In the article Health Behavior Theory in Diet Apps, the writer discussed how there are many many apps under the category of “health and fitness” that are efficient in the aspect of helping people keep track of their health behavior. When people download apps and expect the app to update as progress is being made with their fitness and it doesn’t update, its kind of a downside of the whole health app use.

Basically the whole accuracy and efficiency of these health apps are what week 6 partially consisted of. In my opinion I believe people deserve the right to have the health apps they download on their phones, meet their expectations and fulfill the whole purpose of itself. Other than the efficiency update part, mobile health apps are beneficial in many other ways. Mobile health apps help people have more enthusiasm, it influences them to keep getting fit as they look through their progress.

I once downloaded a health app to keep notes of my daily activities and see whether or not I was improving and overtime I updated the app I was encouraged to keep going because I realized I was doing better and better each time. This is why mobile health apps are a useful source for everyone looking to keep fit.


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