Week 5&6 Reflection

I know when you hear video games, words like distraction comes to mind. But in reality video games are more helpful than a lot of people think. You can develop certain skills by playing video games. Your able to enjoy your game while learning skills that you might not have realized.

Study shows that people who play first person shooting games like Call of Duty showed “faster and more accurate attention allocation, enhanced mental rotation abilities, and higher spatial resolution in visual processing.” Who knew that from playing your favorite shooting game your developing all these different types of skills. That’s the beauty of playing video games; your playing it for your personal enjoyment and pleasure but your also gaining skills that you can use in the real world. Another skill that is gained is collaborating with others. A lot of games that are played are multiplayer, which you play with people online. In order for it to work you have to communicate with other people. That gets rid of the stigma that playing video games keeps you closed in and isolated.

Video Games Good for Health

The platform that social media has is huge. This can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Social media is a way that you can get out your point about anything and the world can see it.

In the Journal of Medical Internet Research article it discusses the dangers of smoking, and the use the social media platform of twitter to share this message, and gain support. Overtime it shows how the support grows by other people sharing the same sentiment on their social media pages. This is what makes social media special. You can state your concern, opinion or whatever on social media, and people can share it/re-tweet, and support your views. Social media is huge, and gets bigger and you should use the platform to your advantage.

Social media


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