ToolWiz Photo Editor Review: Brianna Culliton

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the Health and Technology project rounds. This round it was my job to find a photo editing app of my choice, edit some pictures, and then give a quick tutorial.

ToolWiz Photos

The app that I decided to use was ToolWiz Photos, it is a completely FREE app and I’m so happy I found it! This app had so many features, and you are able to go into so much detail when editing a photo – the options are endless! Although, as great as I think that is, it can also be a drawback. If you are looking for a simple editing app where you can just do simple tasks like cropping and adding a filter and that’s it – this may not be the app for you. I didn’t understand half the things on there, but after some playing around with it I got the general idea for some, as you’ll see in my video. Check it out:

Want to see what else I was able to do with this app? Check out my Flickr album! This album includes the before and after pictures of 3 different types of photos: Landscape, Abstract, and Portrait. Click on the image below to see the album, or you can go here.

ToolWiz: Before and After

Overall I’d say ToolWiz Photos blows me away when it comes to landscape photos. I was really able to get the colors into the image that my camera wasn’t able to fully pick up. I do believe though that the app can use some improvement when it comes to nighttime photos and portraits. Although adding shadows and lowering the brightness, the photo I took at night still seemed white washed and it looks grainy. The portraits do have improvement, but I’m still not as impressed as I am with the landscapes.

My Conclusion

If you are looking for a simple editing app, or an app that’s great for portraits, this may not be the app for you. But, if you love being able to play around with your photos with an array of features and love beautiful landscapes, ToolWiz Photos is a great fit! I definitely will continue to use this app as I continue to capture Oswego’s beautiful sunsets.


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