Social Media (Facebook)

For two weeks I was in charge of the Oz Health Tech Facebook page. I realized this responsibility wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. While it was very fun and entertaining, I would often times to forget to post daily. However, I also found it to be very eye opening. I found that what you post really does effect people. For example, the post I made below might have inspired someone to walk outside and enjoy the weather while also getting in some physical activity.

IMG_4705 (2)

When I first got the page we started with 92 likes/follows. When I ended the page, the page reached up to 114 likes/follows. The page received  20+ likes/follows in that week. I did my volleyball team to follow the page, this brought in a lot of likes/follows. Getting your friends and family involved is a great way to grow likes/follows.



There is more I could have done to grow the social media site. Growing takes hard work and time. I realized I could have posted more. To keep an account running while, posting daily is a good idea. Producing valuable post is what the people like to see. This is what keeps them interested. I should have tried to engage with the audience more, such as post quick polls. Using hashtags is also another way to get more views on a post. Using hashtags has its special way of working. The more you hashtag the more likely your post has a change on showing up on someones page. On my post I would receive between 100-160 people reached. Which means this is the amount of people that saw it. These numbers have peaked since I started posting. It began with 30-50 people reached and now has improved to over 150 people reached.

Forbes does a great job explaining how one can grow a social media site.

Overall, I found running Oz Tech Health very exciting. I learned a lot. I’ve learned how to keep an audience, by posting everyday, posting useful tips and information. I’ve learned that you should get to know your audience by asking them some questions. This will keep them engaged. Getting the word out about your page is also a very helpful tool. Its also important to post facts and the right information to your audience. They have your trust and they will believe what you post.



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