Round 2 Reflection-Khady Seck

During the past two weeks my group and I have been in charge of working on a podcast on mobile apps. We discussed how mobile apps play a role in health. We all agreed that mobile apps play a huge role in health in today’s society. There are apps available for almost everything today, and there are many apps for health that are available.

Throughout the process of creating this podcast I learned a few things. Abby, our TA was able to teach me and my group mates how to use iMovie to edit any videos, create movies and even edit the podcast we were working on. I also learned how to engage in a conversation with others while multitasking (recording, staying on topic, etc).

You have innovations that allow people who suffer from diseases to keep track of their health quicker, than traveling to the doctor all the time. When you go to the doctor you have to wait, while with the mobile apps you can just go on your phone and information is at your fingertips. I personally find that better and more advantageous than having to go to the doctor. Apps in general are taking over so I believe people should take advantage of them. Down below my group discusses this in our podcast, if you want to know more take a listen.


Below is a few questions I was asked in the podcast along with my answers:

1).What are some ways mobile apps are benefiting those in the health field?- Mobile apps makes it easier for doctors/physicians and other health officials gather and keep important information about their patients. As for the patients it is a easier way to manage their records, they can easily go on their smartphones and with a click of a button they can view and insert information that they can later use whenever they want.

2).Do you think using mobile health apps are safe?-I believe it depends on the app itself. When your private information is being involved you should make sure their is enough security to keep your information private. Although people may argue nothing is ever kept private, I believe when using mobile health apps you should make sure the app there is at least some sort of way to keep your information hidden from parties it shouldn’t concern such as touch ID, security questions, and passcodes.

3).How reliable do you think health apps are?- I think health apps are reliable up until a certain point. For example, on Apple devices there’s a pre-downloaded Health app that keeps track on how many steps you walked up daily, how many miles you walked and ran, but how will you personally know if the information is really accurate and not just an estimate?


Here is a link to the google docs my group and I created that contains all of our notes and ideas:


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