Round 2 Project- Social Media- Marisa Torres-Dashner


Hey guys! These past few weeks my group took over the classes social media’s account. I was in charge of twitter. The first thing I did was try to promote our twitter by following some accounts and getting people to follow back. Someone from the other class went a little crazy and decided to go from following 120 something people to 349 in one day. I decided to unfollow all these accounts that didn’t follow us back because it was counter productive. It would be easier to gain followers if we somehow promoted our twitter better. If we really wanted to get out there we could put an ad in but those cost a lot of money. One idea is to have people from our major follow the account. Included below is the video I made showing our twitter.

Over all this was a fun project, just need to figure out how to gain more followers and promote our social media better. It was also hard to figure out what tweets were mine or the other persons. It would be a lot easier to keep track if we kept separate twitters. Also it annoyed me when the other person flew off the handle and followed a whole bunch of people. Other than that it was a decent project.



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