Round 2: Instagram Glen Wheelock

Instagram has always been a form of social media that really stuck out to me. It’s unique in its versatility, while never losing its convenience. What I mean by this, is Facebook for example, can do everything Instagram can, if not more. But it feels sort of clunky. Instagram is one smooth feed on pictures and videos. The explore page is a 3×5 page of suggested post based on things you’ve liked, followed, or people you followed have liked. And it’s something I personally might spend more time looking at than my actual feed of people I follow. Instagram in short makes it really easy to share content and document your life. Whether you’re selling a brand or yourself, everyone can find a niche on Instagram if they know the tricks.


These past two weeks, I’ve taken over the SUNY Oswego Health and Technology Instagram page to try and see what I could add to it. I run my own personal fitness page on Instagram currently called @Peak3fitness.  The page specializes in fitness motivation

20171010_010618 (1).pngand weight loss advice. In the time I’ve been doing the page, I’ve picked a lot of tricks to gain followers and likes.

The key is to get unique clicks on your account. The more you do that, the more and more people your page can reach inside the explore page. In order to achieve this, theres a few things you can try.


First, rather than tagging people, “@ing” them in your captions will allow those people who follow them to also see you post as a “suggested” post. It also doesn’t hurt to tag them in the picture. Filling out as much information on your post as well helps, location, tagging people, and hashtags. Lots and lots of hashtags.


Personally, hashtags have been the biggest reason for my increase in followers and unique likes on every post. I try to use as many hashtags as I can think of that have any relevance to my post and stick them way at the bottom of my caption. I learned a trick on how to put sentence breaks in captions and using that to tuck hashtags way at the bottom where they don’t act as a distraction for your caption. I learned this from another Instagram athlete @cynthialeu. She uses periods on each line to basically act as a tab, since Instagram would usually just recognize this as empty space and collapse the caption together.  20171010_005315 (1)

Here’s a list of some of the hashtags I started using on post, and what I saw was a quick and immediate wave of unique likes from other fitness pages and people who follow those pages. I see more of a response on my page, but it’s something that one, comes with time and page size, and two, comes with consistency. The difficulty of this assignment was I wasn’t the only one working on the page and it wasn’t a lot of time. So posts are sort of all over the place without one reoccurring theme. My page specializes in weight-loss, and that has allowed me to build a following in the community which is why people like my post but then follow my page, because they know it’s content their going to keep liking. In this scenario, in order to gain followers, we’d have to first pinpoint a niche for the page and secondly give it more time.


I tried to keep posts around 1 every other day. I feel strongly about not over posting, because I think it dilutes the quality of the content. A lot of people feel that constantly posting is the best method to build a following, but I feel it diminishes the meaning of the posts if they come out twice a day or more often. Here are a few of the ones I posted over the last two weeks, and these ones all have to do with either, recognizing that there’s metal and emotional health to go along with physical, or having a theme to do with water including interesting facts about it in regards to weight-loss.

The page still has a lot of room for improvement, but if the class were able to decide on a theme and meaning for the page, it has a lot of potential with a good base following to become something special.


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