Project Round 2 – Mikayla Rebuquiao

Health App Battle Review

The two apps that we reviewed were: “Calm” and “Yoga Workout – Meditation”. We reviewed both apps and created a video to put both apps against each other. The “Calm” app was definitely more of an official app that you have to pay for a membership whereas the “Yoga Workout – Meditation” app is free.

download-1.jpgThe “Calm” app is a guided meditation app. It can help you meditate during your drive to work or during a lunch break, or even if you’re trying to fall asleep.  To download it, it’s free however the membership can be very expensive. The app’s music creates a relaxed atmosphere for you when you’re trying to find your inner peace. This app would suit the college students as well as adults.  It’s not time consuming, and you can easily listen to it anywhere you go.



The “Yoga – Workout – Meditation” app is more of a tutorial app. It can only be found in the Apple Store – which means it can only be purchased on Apple products.  It has many videos that people can follow. For example, a category on the app is “How to do Yoga” and when you click on that option, it sends you to different videos on how to do certain poses. This app would suit college students as well as an audience that has free time to learn how to do yoga. 

For more information on both apps, watch our video of the Health App Battle review! 


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