Podcast Project Round 2 Reflection- Travis Bryan

During this round my group was in charge of making a podcast about mobile apps, and the role that it plays in health. I enjoyed working on this topic because I personally use mobile apps when it comes to my health. It was a fun topic to discuss, because we live in a technology driven society. The group completely agreed that mobile apps plays a huge role in society, and it is a great innovation. I feel that mobile apps are big on the market, and it will become even bigger.

Everywhere you go you see someone with an apple watch on their wrist. A apple watch tracks numerous things when it comes to your health. Mobile apps are more reliable because they are at a click of a button. In today’s society every one is always on their phone, so if you can keep up with your health with an app why wouldn’t you. Society enjoy things that are convenient, and mobile health apps are convenient, and effective. Their also mobile apps that benefit people who suffer from certain diseases. Instead of making a trip to the doctor every second mobile apps allows them to keep up with their health simply by unlocking their phone screen.

Here is the podcast the group of Yin-Yin, Khady, Indigo, and I created. I hope you enjoy it.


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