Podcast Project (Project round 2)-Christine Giunta

Before starting my Health Technology class with Professor Yang, I thought podcast were just boring people talking about politics but after realizing there’s more to politics I started digging deeper. I found some awesome podcasts about stuff I love: hiking, health, relationships and more. Podcasts are great ways for people to express their opinions and share information. This week, our podcast focused on gamification, health apps, and an overall view of health technology. Our podcast was published to SoundCloud on October 9th, 2017.

Pictured from left to right we have myself (Christine),Sam, and Kim

After reviewing several articles, Kim, Sam, and I decided gamification of health apps was the overall theme. I took notes on each article and we used my notes as a guideline for our first recording. After an awful 15 minutes of long periods of silence, a few cuss words, and a lot of “ummm’s” we decided it might be a better idea to script what we want to say. I then took what we had already said in our first recording and listened to it and scripted it, fixed some grammar and vocab issues and then sent it off to them. Later that week we met at the library and rerecorded our podcast. This time through there wasn’t as many errors but we lost some of the enthusiasm that comes with naturally speaking. We recorded it once more and tried to add some tone into our voices. It wasn’t as easy as it might sound. Sam and I met and edited (to the best of our ability) using GarageBand and added intro and exit music (AcidJazz by Kevin MacLeod).

5741289_origIn our podcast we refereed to several articles. After introducing ourselves we provided the listener with some statistics like “There are currently over 165,000 health apps on the market.” These statistics came from research done in 2016 as per Statista. We then continue on to give a definition of gamification and talk about how it is used. We then give examples of common health apps that are already using this technology such as Weight Watchers and FitBit. We discuss other health technology such as a blood analysis app and simulation software to help police officers. After reviewing health technology apps and sharing how they are used and gamified we questioned listeners and went over the positives and negatives of this new technology. Some of the negatives may be seen as positives to people like a man we discuss who shares every aspect of his life on a website. Other than people having access to personal information when it’s posted, we also fear that when we give large companies our information it can be hacked into or leaked. In our podcast we briefly discuss the 2015 Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield security hack. We wrap up our podcast leaving listeners with a few questions:

  • Does Gamification actually work?

  • Do the positives of health technology outweigh the negatives (or vice versa)?

  • And do you think this technology will have an impact on our future and how so?


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