Kimberly Gallagher : Project 2 Podcast


This week for our group project my fellow group members and I had to do a podcast for Health and Technically. Our podcast relates to the resent articles and videos we have read and discussed in class that pertain to gamification, wearable technology, and how it can impact the Healthcare industry as a whole with the data that is gathered and shared.

I quickly realized that this was going to be an interesting project as well as a slight difficult one. My teammates and I don’t have extensive experience with podcasting, but we do have experience with talking in public as well as being audio recorded for other types of projects in the past. I found it fairly simple to just talk and have an open discussion about the topics since they were interesting and it seemed quite natural to do it that way. On the other hand, it was rather odd for me to have to read off of a script, since we decided to redo the audio in hopes to improve the quality of the podcast. This time it didn’t seem as natural to me and I tended to struggle a bit with the talking and getting the sentences to flow effortlessly.

Although I wasn’t comfortable with script reading I do believe that information still was delivered effectively to the target audience, and the quality of sound was improved as well as overall material. We decided to discuss what gamification is, how it has been implemented into games and apps to keep users active and engage with their programs without even knowing. We than gave a few examples to the listeners of types of apps and games that use gamification. Than we proceed to discuss that some versions of gamification and apps like FitBit can collect users data on their health, fitness activities, location, and general health, and then how they are stored. The data from theses devices could also be shared with their primary care physicians and even there coverage provides. The positive and negatives that could come out from sharing data from wearable technology were mentioned as well as what happens when data bases from insurance companies are hacked into. Overall the podcast covered a broad amount of topics that could be considered to be controversial within the industry and the public.

Our podcast was rather different from those of Ben Greenfield , in the end we don’t have as much experience as him but we did a rather well job for it being the first time and I’m proud of that!



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