Health App Review Project Round 2 by Victoria Idowu


For the past two weeks, my group members and I have been placed in the health app review section for round 2 of the project cycle. The health app review section is mainly when you take two health apps from the same genre, which in this case my group and I chose yoga as our genre, and then chose two of the best apps that we thought were from that category. After we chose the those two apps, it was our responsibility to at least use the apps for minimum of 4 days and see how it affected us in a useful way. Then, when finally done with examining the apps, this is where the reviewing of the app comes into play. Now that everything else is done, we can now talk about and explain how the app has a affected each user in a series of ways and this “review battle” will be documented through the use of a brief YouTube Video. The two apps that we chose to do a review on were the Calm app and the Yoga Workout: Meditation and Fitness App



             App Review

Yoga Workout: Meditation and Fitness App:

IMG_1533This app is more of the hands on yoga app and I say this because this app was designed to help beginners interested in learning yoga but never had the time or money to go to a professional yoga studio. This app in my eyes was considered to be very convenient because it was technically designed so that you can fit yoga into your tight schedule and came with a multitude of tutorial videos that lead you in the right path of exercising right while also finding inner peace. For example, some of the categories for the tutorial videos were named yoga for beginners, 21 day yoga challenge, the yoga solution and so much more because they were made to help you as well as challenge you. This app was very useful and as well as efficient when it came to its usage but the only bad thing about it is that this app is only available to app users, so if you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or etc you won’t be able to access this app


The Calm App:

The Calm App is more of a meditation app for beginners where they portray and explain many feature on the app that can help bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily lifestyle. This app is not only for beginners and in some of their features, they explain how they have hundreds of features for those who are in the intermediate or advanced stages of mastering meditation. Some other special features that comes with this app is download-1that it has various amounts of small clips that play nice and relaxing music and sounds that help you relax and meditate better. This app was another great app as well because when it came to meditation, it had all of the tools that you needed to be a great meditator and it was accessible for both apple and android users but the only problem was that as you try to progress in learning more and getting to further meditation features, there’s a time where you’re going to have to start spending your money and not everyone like doing that especially on an app




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