Round 2 App Review- Ciara Martin

For my app review project, my group reviewed the SworkIt and WorkOut app. Since there were four of us in the group we split into teams. Matt and I used the SworkIt app and James and Josh used the WorkOut app. The SworkIt app allows you to create your own workout plans for your specific fitness goals. The app has created workout plans as well to also fit your goals. The video below explains our personal experience with both of the apps.

Overall we liked both of the apps that were reviewed in the above video. Most of the cons were because of the price of certain features that the app provides. Both apps are very informative and really cool to use and keep yourself fit. I would definitely recommend both of these apps to people who want to get into better shape and live a healthier lifestyle in terms of fitness.

I would not recommend these apps as a source of keeping track of nutrition and healthy eating. These apps are exclusively for fitness and exercise purposes. The apps would be extremely more efficient and worth paying for a membership if it did include calorie trackers and some kind of a nutrition calculator.


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