Podcast Round 2 – Indigo Collier

I learned a lot through the projects second round. I did the Podcast with Travis, Khady, and Yin Yin. The time I took to research about mobile apps before doing the podcast made it easier. I listen to a podcast by mHealth titled Killer Apps for Healthy Living; I thought it was really well made and there was even a guest on the show. In our podcast we talked about privacy and in mHealths podcast a host named Ben said “Whats your personal opinion on data always being collected…” Corey responded on how he thinks it is very important for the data to be collected but in an automated way, also its important the patient know where its being shared and stored. We talked about the positives and negatives of mobile health apps and what can come from them. We did not talk much about specific apps themselves apart from mentioning the interesting features a few had. Yin Yin talked about her personal life and how she no need for them which I believe made it interesting. The negative aspects of these apps added some depth to the conversation. We shared all of our questions on a google doc. We talked about safety, reliability, and motivation. Our group worked together really well including recording and preparing. My questions specifically included:

What do you think holds people back on become healthier and using these health apps when they are so accessible?

To summarize my answer I talked about the worry people have when thinking about tracking every intake.

How it can be scary for people to come to terms with their health. How can these mobile apps help motivate people to get out?

I talked about how specific apps you can download have reminders, challenges, and goals to get you out of bed.

Can people who already consider themselves healthy benefit from these apps?

For this one I talked about how it is easy to keep track of your achievements with an app and how, not only are people who are trying to get in shape can benefit from these apps but also people suffering from serious diseases can too.

After we recorded the podcast my eye was red and I was wondering if it was pink eye, I talked to my mom who is a RN getting her NP right now and she suggested a health app to use. I was very surprised because that is what this round 2 project I have been working on has been all about. She works as a supervisor at a nursing home and she says her work encourages them to us EZaccessMD. I looked it up and it is basically a phone service with doctors to talk to. Their website is www.ezaccessmd.com.

Abbey helped us understand iMovie and we used that to edit. We turned up the sound on iMovie so our voices were easier to hear. We made it so there was text introducing our podcast. We did guitar sound effects in the beginning along with the text. Towards the end I mentioned how the audience should check out our Oswego Health WordPress.

Below is our podcast:

Here is our Google Doc:

HSC 230- Round 2-Podcasts




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