Photo Project Round 2 – Laura Godden

There are thousands and thousands of photo editing apps on the market today. But how do you know which one is the best? Do you have to spend more money in order to get a quality editing experience? I recently reviewed an editing app called VSCO Cam to hopefully answer these questions for you. VSCO Cam is a FREE photo editor app/social network. Users are able to upload their photos straight from their camera roll, edit them, and then share them to either the VSCO platform or any other social media app.

This is roughly my third year owning the app and I must say, it’s my favorite out of all the photo editing apps I’ve used! Over the years, I have seen many changes and improvements made. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is its accessibility. It is very easy to navigate and generally anyone who downloads it can learn everything within minutes.

During this tutorial I show you how to:

  • Upload a photo
  • Add filters
  • Access and use the photo editing tools
  • Publish/save
  • Send, share, print and delete a photo

The app and all of the features shown in the video are free. However, if you’d like, there are filter and effects packages for purchase. I personally don’t think this is necessary considering you are already given 20+ free filters that have quite a variation. You can create a look for any type of mood or emotion you’re trying to express in your photo with the free features.

Now, as with everything, the app does have its flaws (c’mon, nothings perfect)! One thing that many Android users have noted is quite a bit of lag. This may be because the app was just recently released for Android users so hopefully, we will see updates to fix this in the near future. Besides that, the app delivers the same amount of quality no matter what device or software you use.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My photo edited with VSCO Cam


Whenever I post a photo to the internet, chances are it has some sort of filter or edit done to it. Not that I am insecure about myself or my photography skills, but because I find it fun to do so. Ever since my first technology class in middle school when I had to use photoshop for an assignment, I have always been fascinated with digital editing. Because of VSCO Cam’s simple features, I can enhance my photo’s and have fun while doing so. In addition to that, I can make my photos look as if they were taken by a professional, all in under 5 minutes! No matter your skill level, you can create amazing art, you just need confidence!

This is a topic I just recently read about. Phillip Haumesser wrote a blog post specifically to shoot down those who think they can not produce quality photos because they do not own expensive software or equipment. To prove them wrong, he went out and found the least expensive DSLR camera he could find and had a photoshoot with his son. The images were spectacular and with a little editing, the photos looked as if he used a $3,000 camera. Reading about his experience made me more confident in my photography skills no matter if I’m shooting with my iPhone 7 or my Canon because what really matters is that I am having fun and capturing my own perspective.

If I were to rate VSCO Cam out of five stars, I’d give it all 5! I’ve been using it for 3 years, and I will continue to do so as long as its available. No other app has impressed me more with their easy to use software, quality filters, and ever-improving updates!

Below is a link to an album with even more beautifully edited photos using VSCO Cam! Check it out!

Featured Image: The Next Web



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