Health and Technology via Instagram


“Do it for the gram.” The number of times that I hear being said from my generation is astronomical. Whether it be out to breakfast with my friends, at sporting events, school functions, club meetings, and any other time I am with my friends. Instagram has become extremely popular with my generation in the past few years. The shift from Facebook to Instagram has really changed the way social media works. Instagram is simply for sharing photos. Facebook allows you to share status and “check-in” but on Instagram, your posts are strictly photos or videos. It’s a way to share every aspect of your life through photos.

Day 1 – When I took over this account there were 111 followers and it followed 73.


Day 13 – At the end of my two weeks, the followers were up to 130 and the account followed 125. I myself contributed 29 posts to the Health and Technology Instagram. I followed fellow HPW peers, group members, friends of SUNY Oswego, friends at other universities and other Campus Organizations and people in the health world that I follow on my own account that truly motivate and influence me. I know that this account is for SUNY Oswego but I wanted to get our name out and showcase the work we are doing in this class to students of other universities as well. I think it is important to broaden your followers and get a wide range of followers to truly get your name out there and truly share your portfolio of work.


This project really opened my mind to always having my phone on me to take pictures or post my thoughts or quotes that I find motivate me. I was able to share how I incorporate health into my own life. I, for the most part, tired to take my own photos, but on occasion, I came across something that really motivated me or touched me. I then shared those photos through this OzHealthTech Instagram. This project made me think and made me want to share the things I am doing and eating and cooking to other students.

First things first, everyone cares about Instagram likes. I don’t care who you are, if you have an Instagram, it’s all about the number of likes your pictures get and the number of views your videos receive. I took this to a different level and found an article The Best Times to Post on Instagram. I took this material and used it. I found that if I posted around these times, the immediate likes I received tended to flow in faster.

With the way the social media is advancing and becoming a part of our daily routine, not using it to its full advantage and share or market your life and knowledge would be a waste. I know I wake up to my alarm on my phone, stumbling to reach it on the nightstand and rip it off the charger to turn it off. I lay there scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, watch Snapchat stories, check my email and respond to texts that I missed while I was sleeping. I follow this same routine every night before I go to bed, and check these sites a couple of times a day when I have a free moment between class or I take a break from homework or studying. On my personal accounts, I am not constantly posting to these sites, however. This project required me to post two pictures a day, which seemed crazy to me because it is a cardinal sin to “double-post” on Instagram because it’s believed to limit your likes. “Double-posting” really made me think. Made me be more creative and throughout with my pictures and captions.

Here are some examples of my posts:


I created a video to explain the thought behind some of my posts and to indicate how I choose to caption the pictures the way that I did and to explain what I learned throughout this process of using social media. Social media allowed me to connect with not only peers at SUNY Oswego, but peers at other universities, and professionals or people just like me that are already marketing themselves via social media.

Overall, this project idea made me aware of the fact that I am not utilizing my personal accounts. I am going to school to be educated on nutrition and health and every aspect of wellness and I am not sharing that information with others. I am a Wellness Managment major to go on to further help and educate and advocate. There is no reason I can’t start sharing that knowledge now and this project really opened my eyes to the possibilities that are available for me right now. I can get my name out there and I can advocate and I can start building a profile now.



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