Courtney Sayre Project Round 2 – Aviary Photo Editing App review


Taughannock State Park

I have had the photo editing app Aviary for about 3 years now.  There are various things I like about it, but one of the primary reasons I have kept it is for the easy-to-use layout.  Below is a video of me using Aviary to edit a photo, which I feel provides a great visual representation of this layout.

Some other aspects of this app that may be points of interest to some people are the “enhance” options.  When you tap this icon, it gives you options to enhance the photo in the following ways: Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night.  These enhancements may be viewed as a “one-stop shop” of sorts, beneficial for people that are maybe a little unsure about how they can manipulate their photos using individual adjustments, such as brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.  These enhancements are the very first option you can click on after you choose a picture and begin the editing process so it may make the photo editing process quicker, easier and less confusing for people.

IMG_5544.JPGWhen using Aviary to edit the picture above, I chose to up the level of sharpness.  This is a common editing tool but if I’m being honest, I never typically use because I feel it can make photos appear grainy.  This article helped me learn how to use sharpness without compromising the quality of my photo.

Another positive aspect for some people who may be a bit more advanced at photo editing, that I believe is relatively unique to Aviary is the “orientation” option.  Most apps have some sort of orientation editing, but this app allows you to flip around the picture in a way some others do not. This is is a cool option because when you take selfies or any picture with the front camera, it flips the picture around and sometimes appears differently.  Some may not like how this changes the appearance of the photo, so this is a nice option.

From a more cosmetic standpoint, Aviary offers users is the ability to edit out blemishes.  When you use this features, one can simply tap the blemish and it is smoothed over and edited out.  Additionally, this app has an option to “whiten teeth”.  Both these aspects may be appealing to some users.

I also think Aviary offers good options for filters.  There are 12 solid, basic filters that come with the app when you download it.  Then it also gives you the option to purchase more if you see some that you like better than the free ones.

In conclusion, the combination of several unique, helpful and easy to use features earn Aviary 5 out of 5 stars in my book.  It can be as basic or as advanced as the user needs and wants it to be.  This versatility makes Aviary a must-have for everyone!


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