Round two: Health’s Podcast – Yin Yin Sim-Fellows

The connection mobile apps and health

Mobile health apps are a great and helpful digital tool that modern-day humans have created to help the doctors in health care and people to improve their health. It is a digital tool that will change how people live their lives in many ways. For some, it is also a tool that people depend on and cannot live without. In other words, when someone is getting used to mobile apps, they may slowly become addicted to using them and feel anxiety without being distant from technology. Just like anything else in life, too much of anything is not always the best. Especially when unpredictable natural disasters happen, such as the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and tsunami in Japan.

Surprisingly, many people also forget the importance of the body’s internal clock. Since ancient times, the human body has been using its internal clock as a survival skill to survive in the world. In the modern-day, it has slowly disappeared due to the advantage of technology. What do you think? Are mobile apps a benefit for body’s internal clock?

This podcast is brought to you by SUNY Oswego HPW Health & Technology students: Indigo Collier, Travis Bryan, Khady Seck and myself, Yin Yin Sim-Fellows. In this episode of the podcast, we will be discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and personal experiences of using mobile apps for health. For example:

  • [0:57] Why some people prefer health apps and the others don’t
  • [4:10] Does technology throw off the bodies clock routines
  • [5:55] The kind of people that need the help of health apps

If you are interested in learning more about health and technology, please visit Oswego HPW Health & Technology. You can also get more information on how to sleep better at night from National Sleep Foundation. Besides that, if you want to read more about my blog, please visit the projects below:

Thank you very much for listening! I hope you enjoy our podcast.

What I learned from this project?

For every project that I do, I always learn something new about myself. What I learned from this podcast project is that everyone’s voice matters. I do feel uncomfortable when I have to record my voice, because it is something new that I am not used to. Also, I was brought up in a culture where sharing one’s opinion is not a common thing to do. However, I feel that I should share my experience and knowledge on every project, because sharing is a way to break the wall between cultures and also build a bridge to understand other cultures. Also, sharing with others would clear up the misunderstanding between people. Maybe it would help people to recognize they have similar situations, or give someone the courage to voice their opinion. Besides that, I realized that I am working with many great people, especially Dr. Yang, Abigail, Genevieve, Indigo, Khady, and Travis. Thank you, everyone for being part of my journey.


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