Round 1 – Mikayla Rebuquiao

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.20.10 PM.png

I used the “Photo Editor” app, it was used to edit each of the pictures can be found on apple products.  I edited each picture on this app, it worked really well. The app was useful because I was able to tweak some of the pictures that were already nice to make it even better.

Here is the process that I used when editing a picture on the app, “Photo Editor”.

Before I used Photo Editor:


This is what the original picture came out. This is my aunt on her wedding day in California.

After I used Photo Editor:


The end results after I edited the photo. I made the picture brighter, and focused more on her movement and her face. I chose to brighten it because it was her wedding day and the darkness in the original picture did not show the viewers how it was a happy day.

Other portrait pictures (Before and After):

[1] B. IMG_4978.JPG  A. IMG_1416.JPG

[2] B. IMG_4979.JPG  A. IMG_1417.JPG

Landscape Pictures (Before and After):

[1] B. IMG_3848.JPG A. IMG_1418.JPG

[2] B. DSC01381.JPG

A. IMG_1428.JPG

[3] B. IMG_5109.JPG  A. IMG_1429.JPG

[4] B. IMG_5107.JPG  A. IMG_1430.JPG

Abstract Pictures (Before and After):

[1] B. DSC00007.JPG

A. IMG_1432.JPG

[2] B. DSC01374.JPG  A. IMG_1435.JPG

[3] B. DSC01375.JPG

A. IMG_1434.JPG

[4] B. DSC01379.JPG

A. IMG_1433.JPG

During this project, I learned how to edit and take different types of pictures. Using the app, Photo Editor, it made editing easy for me.



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