Game- Astrid Guity

Food Safety

It is very challenging to create a game. However by playing fun and educating games you and your friends can learned a lot. Me and my partner Cire, we came up with the idea of creating a game base on how to properly store your food and what is the correct way to act during dangerous situation in the kitchen.


This is the link of our game board template:786-square-board-game-5


The way that you play the game is by starting in the kitchen. In the center of the board table you will have two sets of card. One deck has numbers facing downward and you randomly pick a number in order to know how many space to move. The other sets of card will have the question in one side and the other side of the card has the picture that you will be landing in the board table. For any wrong question you would have to land on the picture of a person in the hospital because now you’re considered sick. With the more correct answers you get , the closer you would get to completely making it around the board back to the starting point. The winner gets a certificate for healthy cooking and is now is ready to hit the kitchen!


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