Photo App Review- Gabriella Vertuccio

photo app reviewphoto app review 2The photo app I chose to review was called Squaready. This app has a ton of different options to edit scenic photos to portraits. The photo app is set up to brighten, and manipulate the images to help improve the quality of them. The features on Squaready are self explanatory and you are able to work it without any instruction. You are able to resize and crop each photo to whatever size and zoom in in order to manipulate a photo for instagram or put a photo on your screensaver. The app also lets you control the contrast, saturation, highlights and the warmth to make the picture seem different. The only downfall i found for this app is that you cannot put more than two photos together in a collage. This makes making a collage almost impossible on this app. You would need to transform the pictures to a different app in order to complete this process.   

Pro’s of using Squaready:

  • It’s a free and simple app to work
  • Several editing portions

Con’s of using Squaready:

  • The collage option is not available

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