Game for Health – Alexa Terry & Alex Cowan

The Groovy Smoothie Adventure is the name of the game! Here’s how to play:


Consisting of four players The Groovy Smoothie Adventure brings every aspect of health and creativity to the playing field. The adventure begins at the START. The dice will be rolled for the opportunity of who goes first, second, third, and fourth. Highest roll goes first and so on. Once the action packed adventure begins. Players compete in question and answer based tasks in order to discover tips and tricks to the ingredients we add into smoothies. Once a player has landed their cup onto a designated space, the opportunity is given to add the ingredient into your smoothie cup. Players have the opportunity to steal ingredients if the question posed was answered incorrectly, if the opponent can answer correctly they may steal the ingredient, for yes/no and true/false questions, no steal is rewarded but the player still loses the potential ingredient. IceBreaker questions pose a non-specific fruit or food questions for the ability to add the key ingredient of ICE into the GROOVY SMOOTHIE. Paths can change and deviate between courses of action, players choice. Four paths of Red, Green, Protein, and Orange based theme smoothies that bring vital essential vitamins and healthy options for a quick, easy, and fun way to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Rewards through the game are paper pieces of the ingredient to add to the cup once landed, if answered correctly the keep the reward, respectively lose the ingredient if incorrect. Fruits, seeds, butters, and liquids apply to the pieces. Ice consists of the soft blue balls representing reward for IceBreaker questions worth the most value.

Ice counts as 2 points where every other ingredient is 1.

The most ingredients that adds to the most nutrition dense smoothie is the winner in the fact that they learned or previously new key information for the healthiest meal on the planet!


Ages – 12+

We hope to spread health knowledge around to people of all ages above 12 years old! Health is extremely important and we believe that the world should take more notice about healthy foods with something as simple as smoothies! They’re basic but everyone knows how to make one! Smoothies are a great way to boost one’s metabolism and get important nutrients in your diet, with added convenience considering you can take them on the go. Along with a few recipes, you’d be surprised as to what else you may learn along The Groovy Smoothie Adventure!

Thanks for reading/watching! 🙂




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