week 11 & 12

The ability of advertising in the modern technology filled world gives endless opportunities. First and foremost money is the fuel for the virtual engine we surround ourselves with. Money fills advertisement opportunities in hope that return of susceptible people will continue to recognize their brand whatever it may be. Market research has proven time and time again that advertising works and it can be broken down into a complex science of psychological tendencies. If the more healthy and positive companies such as Truth, a stop smoking campaign among youth, drinking and driving messages and more. Then these positive message based organizations can reach their target population. Targets for healthy messages in technology such as VR gaming consist of the same demographic group. Young impressionable teenagers should have the equal opportunity to be directed away from risky behaviors, these positive healthy messages will be undoubtedly seen through these channels of tech.  PSA’s can be funded through government spending in agencies geared towards health and safety, such as department of motor vehicles.




University of Connecticut researchers are embedding health PSAs including anti-DUI messages into video games to reach young adults.


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