Reflection 11 & 12- Zeina Akl

My initial reaction to the Binaural Beats video was how can listening to beats alter mood.  However, the video and the scholarly research that was done on the beats showed that some people do benefit from this type of meditation. More interesting however is the technology revolution that is helping  both athletes and the population.  One could say that the devices available are like the Fitbit on steroids.  They can analyze breathing, heart rate, temperature and even sweat to help the athlete avoid injury and perform better.  I  know first hand that some people who have had back problems have benefitted greatly from the Sleep number bed.  The bed adjusts and will measures breathing and sleep patterns to better help the person get restful sleep.   My final reflection on the material in this section is that technology will only help us improve so long as people use the information wisely.

Adidas video      Meditation video

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.11.07 PM



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