Week Reflections 11&12 iOS Health Apps Rwanda Douglas

This weeks linked videos led me to explore similar videos. The video i found interesting was the Apple iOS Health App Everything’s Connected (video above).  This video seems to simplify little steps that can be done to better an individuals health. It goes on to show different examples how each area that you improve, improves another area. “If you sleep better, you tend to eat better” analogy. Personally, this is a great ad to promote iOS Health App. It urges users and people watching to make healthier choices one step at a time and that it will activate a domino affect into even more healthy choices. The video grabbed a users attention and was able to convey all these messages within a minute. Short, Sweet, and Straight to the Point. Creating ads like this are great for people of all ages because everyone can actively listen for at least one minute. Since I enjoyed this video, I decided to explore more like it and see the other messages iOS had to convey.

Just like the iOS Health App I first mentioned, the mindfulness app is just as great. It grabs the user attention by bringing up questions and concerns that modern day adults and college students are consumed with every day. The hustle and bustle of everyday life keeps neurons firing and we never get a chance to sit and gather our thoughts. It is a brief reason on why we need to use the app to just relax and take a deep breath.

I especially love this iOS Health App on Activity. When you think of physical activity you think gym, cardio, intense work out. However this app commercial shows simple things that people can do that can be fun while also being active. Playing tennis or racket ball, walking the dog, Frisbee, raking the leaves are all little ways to be active without really even thinking about it. It also gives the message that if we start being active as young as possible, we can stay active for as long as possible. Again, this commercial was 48 seconds long yet packed with little adjustments additions and changes we can incorporate to have a better life and quality of life in the long run.

Last but not least are the Sleep and Nutrition videos. These videos are just as the other ones, short, sweet and to the point. However, the messages are very general and are common knowledge of sleep and nutrition. The nutrition video briefly went over eat more good things, less bad things and know what goes in the body. The sleep video briefly discussed that we have specific times for bed, to be alert and ready for the day. The video ends with this saying “Every good day really starts with a good night”


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