Weeks 11 & 12 Reflections

True reflection on how health app can be helpful,and also harmful to our body is basically the way technology is advancing to a higher level. This is also some way that the author “Alexa Diabetes Challenge, and powered by Luminary Labs, the contest aims to incent upstarts and individual developers to create apps that harness Amazon’s Alexa voice-enabled technologies particularly for patients recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes”. Also, this type of apps that Alexa created to check patients that are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is very useful because can help track an individual who has diabetes sugar level.

However, there are different type of apps that are very useful. Such apps like the mobile health app which basically help track a pregnancy. The apps include “Adidas subsidiary Runtastic; MIT Media Lab spinoff cardiio, and Matis, maker of “My Baby’s Beat”, an app that claims to monitor a fetus’s heartbeat using the iPhone microphone”. The mobile health app also help a pregnant person to track there weeks, heart beat, and the position of the baby. “Mobile health apps can benefit consumers if they function as advertised, do not make misleading claims, and protect sensitive user information,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement”.


Blanton and colleague Christopher Burrows have been researching the connections between online gaming and health messages. And recent studies have found receptiveness among gamers when they’re exposed to public health issues like drunk driving. Overall, I think this health mobile app are useful, because they help track anything that an individual is doing, and it also give a hint of good, and bad ways of tracking a persons health. I also think that this type of apps should be use more often in regarding to health etc.


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