Week 11/12 Reflection – Laura Finn

This weeks topics covered a wide variety of subject matter. The topics started off with binaural beats. There was a study that featured the effects of binaural beats on creativity.  The study suggests that binaural beats influence creativity by increasing the dopamine levels in your brain. I found this to be very interesting because I would love to increase my productivity and creativity while doing homework. Also after we talked about binaural beats in class later that day when I was in my room doing homework I turned on a binaural beat for productivity to see if it would have any effect on me. I found that it didn’t really, at first I was a little annoyed but the sound then it just faded to the background but I was still distracted as usual and it didn’t help me focus any more than if I wasn’t listening to it. This was the sound that I was listening to.

The next topic that was covered was different gadgets that would help you fall asleep easier. Some of the items featured were the Muse Headband, Here One Smart Earbuds, S+ Sleep Monitor, and many more. After reading about all these items I realized that they probably wouldn’t work for me especially if you head to wear something such as the headband or the earphones just to help you fall asleep. I personally don’t like to have things near my head when I sleep, and some of the products seemed a little too gimmicky  and very expensive. There are much cheaper options out their to helping you fall asleep. 040517-gadgets-help-sleep-7040517-gadgets-help-sleep-2

Overall I really enjoyed reading about all of the different topics featured this week and found them to be very interesting!


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