Week 11 & 12 Reflection – Alexa Terry

First, I read about how listening to music can change your mood. The journal states in the anxiety results: “Participants with mild anxiety disorders were asked to listen to a recording of binaural beat stimuli in the delta/theta range, daily for 30 min for a total of 1 month while detailing their anxiety ratings before and post-treatment using STAI-I scores. The authors reported that patients recorded a reduction in anxiety ratings and an increase in the number of times the patients chose to listen to the recordings (50). In a later study, it was also reported that patients who received binaural-beat stimulation in the delta frequency for 30 min daily over 60 days showed a significant decrease in trait anxiety scores assessed with the STA-I.” I knew that music can affect our mood because I have experienced it first hand, however, I didn’t realize to what extent it truly works to help people with deep problems that affect their everyday lives such as anxiety. I think it’s great to use music as a tool because it is effective, easily accessible, and simple. This journal shared other mood problems that music may help with including vigilance, memory, mood states, and cognition which is incredible.

Next, I read about the Power Nap HQ app for iPhone. This app is one that I think is great for those who don’t seem to get enough sleep — so everyone!! The biggest problems with napping that I have are getting up at a time where I feel like crap and I’m still tired. This app helps with that! It finds your optimal sleep time and wakes you up at the right time so that you don’t feel like I usually do! It graphs all the data in the app so you can see how you’re doing. Pretty nifty if you ask me!

Next, I read about the new fitness tracker, the Liquid Leap. This tracker doesn’t have too much more to offer than the FitBit does, however, it is a cheaper option out there for those who are looking for something more budget friendly. I think this tracker may be a good idea, but I would recommend a FitBit myself over this option because you’re getting more for your money. The Liquid Leap does have a nice looking design going for it, along with a built in LED light which the FitBit does not have. It can also track stress, fatigue, and stamina which is an interesting feature!


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