Reflection 11 & 12- Astrid Guity

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For this week, the article that I will be reviewing is “9 Gadgets that help you get a better night’s sleep”  by Lisa Eadicicco. This website provide a few devices that can help you fall asleep, help prevent you snore and wake you up in the most convenient way. The muse headband train your brain to handle stress making it easier to relax. This devices could be useful especially for  college students and parents due to their large amount of responsibilities make them sensible to experiences stress a lot more often. I am very familiar with the apple night shifts features because I own an apple phone. Also, I frequently used this feature not necessarily because I have difficulty falling asleep but to make sure that I am having my 8 hours of sleep. One devices that call my attention was the smart nora which help you prevent snore. The way that this devices works is that it activates a small pump that sits under your pillow when it detect snores. If my roommate happen to read this article, She would know what to give me as a birthday gift.  However the BEDDI SMART ALARM CLOCK is an devices that I would it purchase for myself because It shine a warm light and streaming Spotify tunes to wake you up, it can charge your smartphone, control your other connected devices and read you the weather and traffic updates when you wake. I like this devices because every morning I like to know the weather in order to know how should I dress. In my opinion the  warm light can help you stop feeling sleepy, preventing you from falling asleep again. This is convenient especially for winter season because it can stimulate the sun rise. If you want to know more about the benefit of purchasing a light wake up alarm you can check this website: In this article it was states that research shows that the healthiest way to wake up is along with the sun rising and the world gradually becoming lighter.

Week 12


If you are an athlete or someone who is simply interested in sport you should definitely take a look into Strava program. The program contain three feature. Track & Analyzes which record and analysis your activities. Connect with friends where the individual is able to share their own races and workouts. The feature explored & compete which is created by the millions of Strava athletes, segments mark popular stretches of road or trail. The program is free, but if you want to enjoy of more feature you need to get premium. 


Another great program is sensoria. This program can definitely take your fitness goal to the next level. This program work with a smart sock that has a wearable electronic that connect you with the sensora mobile app. The sock weight less than 1 ounces and the adjustable ankle can fit to different ankle sizes. The ankle device’s battery can last up to 6 hours. Sensoria purpose is to helping you improve form, performance, as well as speeding up recovery times after an injury. This program has recently add a new app that provides you with access to their training plans! These programs allow you to set short term and long term goals, monitor your progress over time and provide you with real-time feedback. This is great because many people do not have time to meet up with a trainer and with this app they can uses it when they can. 


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