Weeks 11&12 by: Alexia Esposito

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.40.31 PM.pngWeek 11: The first article that I chose from week 11 was “InStyle sleep apps”. The article touched upon nine gadgets to help an individual get a better nights sleep. “Bringing tech into the bedroom can be more harmful than helpful. Glancing at your phone before hitting the sack may be distracting and, more important, the blue light its screen emits is known to make falling asleep more difficult”. This is not true for all gadgets what have been created for sleep. The smart-home devices that were created invade your bedroom with the aim of improving your sleep.


The first item the article introduces is the “Muse Headband”, this item costs $250. What the headband was created to do was to train the brain to handle stress more efficiently. This way it makes it easier for someone to relax. “The gadget uses sensors to measure brain activity and then feeds that data to an app that guides you through meditation exercises”.


The second item is known as “Here one smart earbuds”. Earbuds like these ones that were made can help by allowing you to progressively drown out the volume of the world around you. “And if you typically need white noise to fall asleep, you can turn on a filter for that type of sound through the accompanying app”. This item is on the market for $300.


The third sleep gadget is the “Apple iPhone, starting at $399”. When one stares at the blue light that comes from your phone before sleeping it makes it harder for your body to produce melatonin. Apple’s night shift feature is known to lessen this effect by making the display colors look warmer to reduce the blue light.


The fourth item is “S+ sleep monitor”. This gadgets market price is only $50! The ResMed’s S+ claims to monitor without making physical contact. “Instead, it uses motion-detection technology to pick up your tosses and turns throughout the night. It can also assess whether the temperature and lighting conditions in your room are preventing you from sleeping better”.



“Sleep number it bed, costing $1,099” is the fifth item. This gadget is a little more pricey than the others that we have discussed so far. The firmness of this mattress is known to be adjusted via a smartphone app. The built- in sensors in the mattress can track your heart rate, breathing and movement to relay insights about how you sleep. The mattress does not come with a remote, instead you use your phone each time you want to adjust the bed.


The sixth item is known as “Smart Nora, costing $279. What smart nora is designed to do is the device activates a small pump that sits under your pillow when it detects snoring. It then moves your head to stimulate the throat muscles. This gadget might not be for people who are fidgety sleepers who don’t always stay put.


The seventh “Beddi smart alarm clock, costing only $100” is the swiss army knife of alarm clocks. This device charges your smartphone, controls your other connected devices and reads you the weather and traffic updates when you wake up. Personally I would love to have an alarm clock like this and I may have to look into this device for more details.


“Philips wake-up light” costing $127 is the eight device. What philip’s lamp aims to do is mimic natural sunlight. Its intently gradually increases within thirty minutes of waking up. “And while it does let you choose one of five sounds or an FM radio for your wake-up call, it doesn’t connect to your Spotify account like the Beddi or Withings Aura can”.


The last but not least is introduced as “Fitbit charge 2, costing $149”. This wristband can wake someone up with a gentle buzz as well as provide data about your sleep duaturation and quality.”This spring the company promises it will be able to distinguish between deep, light and REM sleep, a feature that some competing smart wristbands have had for years”. I think these devices would be extremely helpful to individuals with sleeping problems. Even for some people who want to develop better sleeping habits.How are all of these different devices created? It must take a while for the creators of these specific items to actually create. Where do all of the ideas come from? Some of these gadgets are really interesting and different, what they are created to do is truly amazing.



Another article in week 11 that symbolizes the same category was “Power nap HQ for iPhone optimizes your midday nap”. Naps are known to be great for one but you need to hit “the sweet spot of length” to get any benefit from them. Power nap HQ is an app that helps you accomplish that. “Power Nap HQ works similar to most sleep tracking apps. You turn on the app, set your optimal nap time, set it on your bed, then get to napping”. The app monitors your sleep and tries to wake you up at the best time. The app then logs all of the data it collected and creates a nap graph to track what works best for you.


Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.52.32 PM

Week 12: The articles that I was most interested in week 12 was the apps and programs. I first began to take a look at what Strava was all about. If an individual is active then Strava was made for them! This mobile app and website is known to enhance the experience of sports and to be able to connect millions of athletes from around the world. They are known as the social network for those who strive. The way someone posts in this type of network is by simply being active. Strava works with your mobile phone or your GPS device to track your activities and share efforts with others. One way Strava stoves for others to get better is by the analysis it gives you when your workout is over. It provides you with your speed, pace and distance. It also provides you with exclusives, such as your performance compared to past attempts and suffer scores. The desktop experience that is provided goes even deeper with training plans, route planning, activity breakdowns and other tools. Strava wants you to take your analysis game to the limit. Its even free, no cost to it! They make recording an activity easy, afterwards you will have a deleted activity map and tons of performance data. The feed is full of inshrining activities, crazy adventures and interesting new routes. I think that this website and app provides you with a lot of beneficial information. I would defiantly use this website to get some better insight on specific things that I need to work on. Recommending different activities is always helpful to some. Some individuals do the same thing for physical activity everyday and that can get boring. A helpful website and app like this could really help others make a difference in their lifestyles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.53.46 PM.png

The other app that caught my attention was sensoria. What sensoria was created is committed to do is to help you improve form, performance and speeding up recovery times after an injury. Sensoria’s smart upper garments can monitor your heart rate while their smart socks can detect cadence, foot landings and impact forces. This device could help with athletics. The running system appeals most to me, because I am a big runner. What this system provides is helping you to enhance your training from head to toe. “The Smart Upper Garments provide real-time heart rate monitoring capabilities while the Smart Socks can help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces and foot landing”. This would be beneficial for me because this app alone could help me improve my running the way it should be. Sensoria even provides one with training plans. These programs will allow someone to set short term and long ted goals, monitor their progress over time and provide with real-time actionable feedback. By an individual purchasing this device it seems a lot chapter than getting a personal trainer. I believe that technology is really taking over in so many ways. Is this why its so difficult to find jobs in personal training, because powerful gadgets are moving in their way slowly? They even provide workout gear that have monitors in them, thats a really smart idea. Sensoria is designed for all levels of fitness enthusiast. This makes others feel comfortable because no matter what fitness level they are at, they know they can rely on something like sensoria.


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