Week 11 & 12 reflection – cire kaba

Week 11 :  I started first with the video on the “third eye” opening by binaural beat, which is suppose to help you reach a deep meditative state,  and entrain your brainwaves to patterns exhibited during specific mental activities. The concept of the “third eye”  is a gateway that grants you access to higher consciousness and an enlightened state. So I played this video while I did some homework and while i relaxed a little to see what impact I would receive. I honestly felt this video helped me concentrate and be more attentive to the work that I was doing. I didn’t watch the video I just listened so i wasn’t sure if it was all just in my head so I also sent the video to my friend so she can also try. She said she also felt very relaxed and more concentrated when she listened to the video, so I feel personally feel the concept behind binaural beat is really helpful in important to our society especially students my age.

The first Study goal was to focus on monaural- and binaural-beat frequencies and see if it had an effect on cognition and mood states. Auditory beat stimulation (ABS) is said to be a great technique for the manipulation of cognitive processes and the modulation of mood states. I think this is actually really cool , because a lot of studies have shown how meditation has impact mind body and soul. This type of auditory beat stimulation is interesting how the type of beats and waves can connect to the mind. The study showed the difference between the two auditory beat stimulation and how the frequencies deliver from ear to ear as shown below.  I thought this study was really interesting because it touched on different aspect such as anxiety, memory, creativity, attention, mood states, and vigilance. The results from this study and other studies may suggest that prolonged exposure to ABS may affect verbal memory recall. Also, participants reported subjectively experiencing less problems associated with inattention during the study period and  participants also reported subjectively experiencing less problems associated with inattention during the study period. Being that college students face a lot of these difficulties during school , I think this study of auditory be a stimulation can help a lot of student out during stressful periods.


In the second Study , it displayed the concept of creativity. Creativity is is an essential talent in the human cognitive repertoire , and important in our day-to-day life. However how creativity works is still unsure. The goal of this study was to see if binary beats has an impact on creativity. Binary beats is an auditory illusion that is considered a form of cognitive entrainment that operates through stimulating neuronal phase locking. The results from the study showed that binaural beats, can affect divergent thinking. Individuals with low eye blink rates mostly benefitted from alpha binaural beat stimulation.

Week 12:

The first article I read was really cool in my opinion. We all hear about wearable technologies and think about a watch or an app or a bracelet or ring that can improve your health. This article talked about a wearable shirt that can control your climate as shown below. The t-shirt by wendu, maintains steady temperatures through hot and cold focal points capable of reaching a 36ºF/20ºC range in under 2 minutes. Our body constantly changes from hot to cold and this shirt is made so that it maintain and regulate your body temperature if your in a cold or hot area.a21c6c2e79e32f06d42ce67e4537224f_original.jpg

The company sensoria is another company that has garment that have sensory in them to help in running and improvement in other health aspect. Their running system enhance your training from head to toe. They have upper garments such as shirts and training bras that provide real-time heart rate monitoring capabilities. They also have smart socks, yes socks! that can help improve your running form by measuring cadence, impact forces and foot landing. All of these garments are connected to their app called theSensoria Run v2.0 app,  which allows AI coaching and dashboard tracking. I think this is so cool because you have all these clothes that actually help you run better or do exercises better that is also connected to an app that can couch you be the sensors on your body. I think this is also very accurate because its going based on hear rate and how hard you hand on your foot and with all the technologies thats on your socks and you shirt for example , it would give you good and accurate advice because it can track exactly what your doing. The garments are shown below and sensoria Run v2.0 App provides you with access to their training plans and these programs allow you to set short term and long term goals, monitor your progress over time and provide you with real-time actionable feedback.



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