Reflection 11 & 12

I find it incredible that technology is becoming so advanced they are trying to create a specific app for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Working with Alexa, the speaker that talks back to you, they are creating this app for people with diabetes. Creating this app and getting it up and running would be incredible and the people that do get it up and working will win a prize of 125,00 dollars! If this app ends up working out it will bring technology to a whole other level! We would start to develop apps for other people with certain sicknesses like this one.  

Health apps in general are a very big thing with modern technology and most every iPhone user will use one at some point in their lives, there are so many that apps in this world and a good amount of them are health apps! Health apps can be helpful with workouts, relaxing and many more things. I suggest people to use health apps in their everyday lives.



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