Heath and Technology Weeks 11 & 12 Review; By Abigail Jackson

In today’s society it seems as if there is a new technology produced everyday.  Technology that pertains to both mental and physical health has rapidly gained popularity worldwide.  Health apps and various technologies have the power to improve over all wellness.  Music is a platform to improve overall health.  There are many different genres and sounds that are beneficial.  In particular, binaural music is a type of sounds that can help both mental and physical health. image_gallery

Binaural beats is a type of music that has become increasingly popular.  Binaural beats are based off of an alpha and gamma frequency.  The beats create an audio illusion that can be used as entertainment and to improve cognitive function.  Studies have shown that binaural beats do enhance cognitive function.  People who listen to the sound frequencies have proven to preform at a higher rate than those who did not.  The main goal of these beats is to enhance dopamine in the brain.  The increase of dopamine then effects how the body processes information.

Students in particular have found that the beats cause a more effective studying process.  But, all types of people can use binaural beats.  For example, people can listen to the sound frequencies before going to bed.  The frequencies calm the body and sends the body into a more relaxed state.  People are also known to listen to this type of music throughout the day.  Listening to binaural beats during the day allows ones mind to relax and eliminate other stressors from the day. Binaural beats can also be combined with meditation.  Adding the two together can alter ones mental state in a positive way.  Listening to both the beats and performing relaxing meditations will improve performance throughout the day.  Due to these positive effects, binaural beats have become a common way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While music can be an important piece to a healthy lifestyle, sports technologies are beneficial as well.  Throughout the past couple of years, the Americans have become increasingly interested in sports technologies.  In turn, the vast need for exercise and physical activities has created a technology based sports market.  Sports and physical activities are a key part to American culture.  Whether its football, soccer or baseball, sports in the U.S are prevalent.  Sports technologies are aimed towards increasing performance.  These types of technologies have many benefits for a wide variety of people.

Athletes have taken a liking to sports technologies.  For example, wearable sports technologies is a great way to reach goals.  Both professional sports teams and minor sports teams have accumulated a use of wearable technology.  In order to monitor an athlete, shirts and wristbands are just a few of the popular wearable technologies.  Studies have shown that the technological monitoring of performance has benefited both the athletes and coaches.

Since sports technologies are helpful and simple to use.  Just like athletes, consumers have been buying and using sports technologies.  Health wristbands, watches and fit bits are an efficient way to monitor performance.  Over the past couple of years, fitness trackers have been a common sport technology that consumers use.  The trackers have the ability to monitor heart rate, endurance and performance.  While the trackers have many other functions, the overall goal is to help improve ones physical health.

Another form of sports technologies are health apps.  With the click of a button people can download health improving apps easily.  Most health apps are free, which causes more consumers to use the apps.  For example, some apps include functions like diet trackers, meditation apps and healthy information.  Apple alone has thousands of apps that can improve both mental and physical health.  Due to the vast variety of apps, consumers can pick which app best fits them and their goals. ds

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is now much easier to achieve due to both music and sports technologies.  Americans and people world wide have a variety of options to reach health goals and objectives.  Health apps include simple formats to balance both diet and exercise.  Wearable sports technologies have been benifical to both athletes and consumers who are looking to monitor and improve performance.  Binaural beats allows one to improve their mental health and daily balance.  Overall, the wide range of ways to improve health has benefited millions of people.  One can only imagine what type of technologies will be created next.


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