How much is too much? Reflections 9,10

Technology has so many benefits in today’s day and age that no one stops and thinks about the risks of all of it.  As technology is changing everyday it is hard to keep up. Technology makes everything so much easier.  You can save your passwords right on your device. You can save your credit card information right on your phone, sure makes buying tings online a whole lot easier.  Put in your age, weight, height, medical information in an app and you can get a diet and exercise plan designed specifically for you.  No need for maps anymore, type in your destination on your phone and let Siri tell you where to go.  All this personal information we don’t second guess about inputting, but who has access to that information.  Are all these things i just listed something you would want a complete stranger to know? where you’re going? Your medical information?, Your credit card information?  Everyday personal information is hacked from big name websites and we don’t even realize it.  If it is not being hacked these big websites are selling your information to other companies so they can target you specifically and market their products to you based on you.

Listed here is a representation of the Number of hacks that big name company has experienced.  Could you be one of them?


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