Social Media – Flipboard / Round 4 / Juste Impolyte

For the past two weeks I have been contributing to the Flipboard page Interactive Health Technology. When I started to post to the page, there were 292 followers. After the two weeks since I started posting stories, there are now 298 followers. The six followers that were gained must have followed the page due to the frequent update of stories that are being posted by Dr.Yang, myself, and the other contributors from the previous rounds of the projects.

Personally I think the key to increasing your follower rate on Flipboard has a lot to due with your topic of the magazine. The users with the most followers tend to have a specific topic and only flip things to that magazine if it relates. What I mean is if you’re going to tittle your Flipboard magazine Healthy Eating, don’t flip things about clowns or birds. Flip things into that magazine that relate to eating healthy specifically. That was my mentality when I was flipping posts in the Interactive Health Technology page. I wanted to share things that were very closely related to health technology.

Below you can see some images of the app used on my iPhone. I used the websites on my computer a few times as well but I prefer the app because I always have my phone on me but not my laptop.

The following video summarizes my experience with Flipboard:


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