Round 4 – Zeina Akl

The app I am reviewing is called Photo Editor by Axiem Systems. When I first opened the app, it allowed me to choose from my camera roll or to take a picture directly to edit. Some pros to the app include the many different features such as effects and adjustments to the pictures such as brightness, contrast, exposure, shadows and warmth. It also has a text and drawing feature that allows you to write on the photos. The app has an enhance option that is specific to the photo that you took such as scenery or food, it will make modifications that are specific to the type of photo that you took.

On the other hand the app has a few cons including the trouble to use all the features. The app is free but the features are all upgrades and you have to download to use them. Only a few of the features are in the original download. There were many features to use on this app and it was time consuming to get access to all of them. Once you are done with all the editing the photo it goes straight to your gallery.

Youtube Review 


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