Photo App Review: By Abigail Jackson

There are thousands upon thousands of apps.  Recently, photo editing apps have become increasingly popular.  There has been growing use of social media photography sites like; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, just to name a few.  People are posting more pictures online which has created a need for editing apps.  The main premises of theses apps are to enhance previously taken photographs and images.  The photo editing apps use various filters and techniques to improve the over all quality of the picture.  While there are many different photo editing apps, VSCO is an app that is highly qualified in regards to enhancing a photo.

VSCO is a photo editing app that includes a lot of features.  The app is easy and simple to use when editing a picture.  For starters, the app allows its users to take photos from their photo gallery and transfer it to the app.  The user can then pick through their photo library and choose photos that they wish to enhance.  One of the reasons why this editing app is so popular is because it is multidimensional.  VSCO has both positive and negative qualities.

To starts out with the positives, VSCO is very simplistic.  There are no confusing features, which allows users to readily use it without problems or confusion.  But more importantly, the features on this app are amazing.  One of the features includes a selection of filters.  The user has a choice of ten different filters, all of which are different.  After picking a filter, the user can then edit the photo to a greater extent.  For example, the user can edit the brightness.  There are two features called “exposure” and “contrast” that changes the brightness.  This is a good feature because most often, when taking a photo, the lighting can be unflattering.  Another feature that stood out in a positive light was that the user can straighten the photo.  Photos that are taken at an unwanted angle can be fixed in an instant.  To name a few more qualities, the app can add highlights, color tints and sharpness.

While there are many positive qualities of VSCO, there are a few downsides.  Many if not all features that VSCO has are seen in numerous other photo apps.  VSCO doesn’t have anything proprietary that makes the app stand out from the rest.  A user could easily go to a different app and receive the same service and features as VSCO.  Another downside is the quality of the app itself.  VSCO’s app looks a little basic and even boring.  The app fails to grab the users attention and is a little dull.  Another downside in my opinion is that I wouldn’t regularly use this app.  After reviewing the app and enhancing some of my pictures, I deleted the app from my smart phone.  I find that Instagram has a far superior editing format.  I use the editing feature on Instagram for all my photos that I post online.

Overall I would give this app a four out of five stars.  The app is still successful when wanting to enhance a photo.  The app is easy to use and is popular in the app store.  There are many editing features that help improve the overall quality of a photo.  But like I stated earlier, I would not personally use this app.  Which in turn is why the app isn’t a perfect five out of five.  Down below are twelve photos that I edited on the VSCO app.  I like the results and have included a before and after transformation from unedited to an edited photo.

fullsizeoutput_db9    fullsizeoutput_e25 IMG_2499

IMG_2490 IMG_2174 IMG_2504

IMG_0881 IMG_1030IMG_9451

IMG_6806 IMG_8892 IMG_8862

Before and After:

IMG_5669  IMG_5670



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