Weeks 11&12 Reflection – Jamie Walzer

While reading though the research article titled “Auditory Beat Stimulation and its effects on Cognition and Mood States” I found out a lot of interesting conclusions they drew. Studies have been shown that ABS “can be used to modulate cognition, to reduce anxiety levels, as well as to enhance mood states. Other clinical targets also include traumatic brain injury and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.” To me this was very interesting  because I liked that it took a new perspective rather than just medication. The results and conclusions of this article were varied, in that the effects of these noises/beats in music effect people differently.  For example, there was a study completed for specifically people with attention problems and ADHD. “Participants were either required to listen to commercial recordings of binaural beats embedded in natural sounds or a sham recording containing pink noise for 20 min, three times a week for 3 week duration.” In the results, they showed that “binaural-beat stimulation did not have a significant impact on attention, but participants reported subjectively experiencing less problems associated with inattention during the study period”. Reading through each section will give you a better idea of what each individual study looked for, and the results. But to reiterate, I like the fact that people are thinking of alternative options. Many medications have various negative side effects, but music and these sound stimulations, are harmless and free, too. This brings another factor into the picture, the price of medication. Not all people can afford these medications, and even some who can- rather not. Alternatives to medicines in my opinion are crucial. Whether their used as primary options, or back-up plans if medications fail; searching for other ways to cure things is very important.

After reading “Power Nap HQ for iPhone Optimizes Your Midday Nap” I found out that there is an app for $.99 that measures your sleep and tries to wake you up at the best time so you don’t feel groggy after your nap. From this website, I saw an ad for a different article called “How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits”. On this link there was a very helpful and informative picture which shows four different length nap times and their benefits and disadvantages. For example, it says that for a 10-20 minute nap it is most useful for extra energy and alertness, a disadvantage for a 60 minute nap is that you may wake up feeling groggy.

Through the “Sport tech Flipboard” I found an article called “Panasonic can read your heart by looking at your face”. From reading this title, it immediately intrigued me. After clicking on the link, I learned that at the end of the month, in Japan they will be casting a golf tournament, but with a twist. There will now be the heart rate of the golfers shown on screen, making the competition for watchers more dramatic than ever. Also, “At the upcoming golf tournament, though, Panasonic will instead use a kind of camera that estimates heart rate based on “the subtle color change on the player’s face caused by vascular constriction.” I thought this was awesome that a simple camera could detect something so varied, and internal! I am curious as to see how accurate these estimates are.
APTOPIX Masters Golf

The last article I viewed was one called “Game Changing High-Tech Yarn Heats Things Up for Athletes”. This technology is aimed for avid runners who struggle with bronchial issues. It helps them because there is a copper wire that heats up the inhaled air entering the lungs. This seems like a great piece of health technology, but I can’t help but to wonder about some possible ways this could go wrong. One, this sounds very expensive. Two, it is not very fashionable. I think its a great idea but after the first or second use, people would either abandon it because of it’s unfashionable look, or its inconvenience when running. Copper wires aren’t exactly the lightest things in the world either, I would how much this contraption weighs? I will not bash it until I have used it myself, or it gets more out there in the market. But as for what I can predict, it won’t be becoming the next best thing on the market.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.32.55 PM

Check out this video I found on youtube of 5 new Healthcare Technology Innovations as of 2017.




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