Social Media (Twitter) Project Rounds – By Jamie Walzer

Hey Guys!
So I was in charge of the twitter account (@ozhealthech) for the past two weeks. I started off at 84 followers, and increased to 90! This is only six follower addition, but in two weeks I would say that is pretty good! It was very usual for people to follow and unfollow, so a lot of times my follower number would fluctuate. I did not follow any accounts as I was ahold of the account, so it remains at following 96 accounts.

I tweeted/retweeted mostly about recipes, healthy meals and snacks, gym/at home exercises, and sports. Other accounts I interacted with were inspiring quotes accounts, people who hash tagged things like #MotivationalMonday and #WishfulWednesday. I Retweeted many Oswego tweets, many pertaining to the sports. I think it is important to have a good school community, and one of the best ways in doing so is to support each other through sports and other main events happening.

There were no significant trends in which showed there were any best times to post at. I pretty much just a couple retweets, likes, and shoutouts per tweet/RT here and there.

Taking over the social media account was a good way to see new fitness accounts/health accounts/athletes/ etc, and see what they had to say. I actually enjoyed finding inspirational quotes, and the more I had to think about positive things to tweet about, the more I realized how much good was simply in my day. Even if it was 40 degrees about, it made me focus on the sunny, clear skies, rather than the lower temperature.

Hopefully the next person/group who takes over the social media accounts can continue to get our oswego health and tech name out there, and expand our follower community!

Youtube Video :
Twitter Handle : @ozhealthtech
Class Website: Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.37.00 PMness-yang/classes/hsc-230






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