Weeks 9 & 10 Reflections

Binaural Beats 3rd eye is a sound beat that will put people to sleep, but at same time the beats is disturbing, because its loud and scaring to me. However, sometimes the beats are helpful to people who experience difficulty sleeping, because they have a high quality of not be able to sleep when not listening to music or other beats.

Falling asleep by yourself,and wake up by yourself is the best feeling for me, because I can’t set an alarm to wake me up when I know I can wake up alone with no headache. if I set an alarm to wake me up when am deeply sleeping, I will end up with a serious headache. Falling asleep can be more difficult than staying asleep. With its headband, Muse hopes to train the brain to handle stress more efficiently, making it easier to relax. The gadget uses sensors to measure brain activity and then feeds that data to an app that guides you through meditation exercises. A number of less expensive or free meditation apps attempt to do much of the same without the headband.



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