Weeks 9 & 10 Reflections: Dominic Mosconi


To start us off in week 9 was the video about the Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer – Exergame Fitness. EXERGAME fitness, said to be the #1 provider of interactive fitness & gaming products, gives us an insight into the ‘future of fitness’ and asks watchers how do they think fitness equiptment will evolve. The Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer gives instructional exercise tips to the user by a screen. It also has someone instructing you, counts the reps of the workout, gives you pointers or tips, and counts the time of the workouts. What I found great about the video was that it is all-age friendly. Anyone from children to older adults can use the Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer. You can follow @Exergamefitness on various media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and  Facebook.

 Versus Virtual Fitness Trainer

Week 9 contained an article entitled “Microsoft unveils sensor-laden smart scarf prototype”. The article describes how Microsoft has produced a scarf with a number of interesting features, with many more possible to come. Via a smart phone app, the scarf can be focused to vibrate and produce heat to the user wearing it. Living in Upstate New York, this could be beneficial to all of us! The scarf “comes with built-in sensors and could be useful for people who have disorders such as autism and have trouble managing their feelings” (mHealthSpot). This can be extremely useful to the somewhat challenged population. In the future, the delevopers plan to install a cooling device as well as an mp3 player. The scarf is a smart innovative tool because you can descreetly hide your technology!

smart-scarf.jpg       microsoft-logo-520x245

Finally, an interesting piece from week 10 was the Facebook Live Webinar. The video/webinar from Jun 15 of 2016 makes many valid points about social media stratergies and benefits of different aspects of life. One section in the video explains how social media gives one an unprecedented opportunity to scale a mission. They can do this by fund raising because social media is everywhere, and is easily accessible. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just some of the many social media outlets that can be used for anything. They can be a unique way to raise money and increase funds for specific causes. Increasing fundraising with social media outlets is a can make all the difference in today’s day in age. Pictures, videos, blogs, and quotes can inspire and motivate people to participate in such events. Millions of dollars have been raised in fundraisers through social media platform, and it is not slowing down any time soon.




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