Week 9+10 reflections

After reading the article on new technology on the Microsoft scarf I found it to be very interesting and wondered a few things in the future they might do to improve this. The overall concept of the product is a scarf sensor that senses heat mainly to manage stress for people. Typically when you get stressed out your body temperature will rise more than normal. The scarf will help manage stress by sending a cooler temperature via the scarf on your neck which is a main source of heat because of the constant blood flow to your brain. Microsoft said in the article that this can definitely help with children with autism due to their constant mood changes from the interpretation of their environment. Microsoft also said in the future that they will be continuing to improve this product to help manage stress by including music in the scarf. Soft classical music can help calm someone down in a stressful situation or on the flip side steady techno music can boost a persons mood from being depressed. The one problem I see with this product is the weather and seasons. How will Microsoft be able to deal with rain or snow when the product is usually warn to keep warm? Also during the summer and spring seasons will Microsoft come out with a scarf that is more lightweight with less material? Overall, this is a great product for anyone who has trouble managing stress or depression and see it advancing in the future.

article 1


The second article I read that personally I believe a lot of pharmacies will be moving toward like Walgreens, Kinney’s, CVS, etc., is the use of technology to keep track of prescriptions and timing of medication. Walgreens is using an app to tell patients when to take prescription medication as well as allowing the patient to refill the prescription via IPhone or android application. This will definitely be helpful for elderly individuals to remind them to take medication that may help save their life from detrimental diseases. It can also help the elderly by allowing them to refill a prescription to be picked up at the touch of a button on their cell phone. Another aspect this article talked about that I do not believe will be successful is the use of the camera on a smartphone to read blood pressure. First this will not be very accurate due to it only reading your facial structure. Second blood pressure is normally done by the use of a cuff or monitor by doctors, this only uses a scanner. If companies want to improve technology to make reading blood pressure easier they should include the thumb scanner to read it due to your thumb having its own pulse just like the artery in your neck.

article 2


The third informative speech on Gary Vee is a short video on a man named Gary Vee and his thoughts on how to get your name out there in the social media world. Not only is the social media world still expanding but is one of the best ways to market yourself. Gary Vee is a very hard working, motivational, and inspirational man. He tells people straight up how he feels about the way they are doing things to improve their business or their life. You can tell in the video how hard he works by the way he talks. In this short video he talks about how to interact and punch your way to the top through interaction. Posting something and hoping word will spread is something the lazy individual will do, you need to comment, post, interact with others to motivate them to spread the word for you in the future. Get people in a position to want to learn about the idea that you want to spread so they can be in the same mindset you want to be in. From this video the one thing I can take away from Gary Vee is his talk about no shortcuts. Taking shortcuts to become successful is not the way to go. You need to work hard and fail to know where to start from. Climb that mountain to be able to say I did it and not look back to say I wish I did this instead.


Another video I decided to watch is about the ALS disease and help of social media. Pat Quinn who is the speaker in this video currently has ALS in a mild form. He is motivated to represent and help more people with serious ALS for further research in the field. ALS awareness first started by something called the “ice bucket challenge”. This is a challenge where you call out friends on social media to spread the awareness on ALS. When you are challenged you have to dump a whole ice bucket on your head which is only the minor to what people actually feel with ALS. The cause spread like wildfire through social media and personally I saw so many people doing it to help the cause. Pat Quinn got very emotional during the video due to his motivation for the awareness and his symptoms growing worse. He wants this challenge and spreading of awareness to keep growing to spread through social media even more than it has in the past. Family, friends, co-workers, and even people in large events should participate due to it forcing people to actually wonder what ALS is and how it effects people negatively.

article 4


The last article I decided to read was something totally different from the previous articles and videos. This was on FTC and them trying to find problems with games that help to improve children’s health. First off, not all video games are made to make kids smarter, some are used for strictly entertainment. But some games now are being told that they help kids with improved memory, coordination, focus, and improved behavior. The FTC is trying to go after these games for false claims on improved health. Because the FTC is doing this you cannot have a successful trial on a game to claim they improve health with a scientific background because you need tests to be done. To prove this the FTC would have to consider all variables in the studies done. Variables like age, gender, mental disorders, etc., would all have to play a part in these studies to prove if the game does what it claims to do. Personally I think gaming companies will still produce games with the promise that they improve multiple aspects that normal kids may need improvement in during the younger years. Today’s society has kids sitting around playing video games till their eyes fall out of their head. The future of gaming is moving toward movement while playing to improve all aspects of health for all ages.

article 5


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