week 9&10 -Gabriella Vertuccio

The article Developing Health Promotion Interventions on Social Networking Sites: Recommendations from The FaceSpace Project discusses how social networking sites offer a novel setting for the delivery of health promotion interventions due to their potential to reach a large population and the possibility for two-way engagement. It discusses how over the past 20 years the internet has changed dramatically. The way individuals are able to access information and interact with people around the world. Everything we could need to access is right at our fingertips. This has both positive aspects and negative aspects to it. It makes people smarter to be able to know everything at the touch of a finger with a mini computer in their pocket. Yet this also makes people very lazy. People have stopped leaving their homes to know what is going on in the world and also communication has decreased greatly. People are unaware on how to have face to face conversations and consider sending a text an intimate moment with someone. Technology has gone too far and started to cripple us as a society. Every bit of technology or having a different piece of technology being able to do everyday tasks for us takes away from our day to day life.


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