Week 9 & 10 Reflections – Juste Impolyte

Has technology gone too far? Today more than ever am I seeing articles that bring up that question. Technology has come a great way and continues to evolve. The question is, is that such a good thing?

From the article Microsoft unveils sensor-laden smart scarf prototype, a new concept of a scarf is introduced. A scarf that has the ability to warm up, cool down, and even vibrate from the touch of a smart phone app. After reading the first few sentences of this article, I thought this was kind of unnecessary. I mean do I really need a scarf that can heat up and vibrate? No, of course I don’t. But after reading the whole article, I had no idea that this concept for a scarf wasn’t event meant for me. It’s meant to be useful for those people who have disorders such as autism and have trouble managing their feelings.

To me, this use of technology didn’t seem helpful at first. But after realizing it can be helpful to others I see no reason to complain. Is technology going too far? I don’t think so. Progress continues to be made, and things that help people are things that should continue to progress.

So scarfs are becoming smart scarfs. Well what about all of our other clothing? Don’t worry, their following a similar path. From the article Artistic Collaboration Sires Rochambeau’s ‘Born Digital’ Connected Jacket, it is clear to see that smart clothing is soon to be part of a reality in which we live in. A smart jacket that can connect to your smart phone is becoming the new trend. “Once connected, the limited edition jacket unlocks exclusive access to the dining, art, clubbing, retail and fashion experiences that are only available with the jacket.”


So the question again is, has technology gone too far? Do we need smart clothing? Obviously we can survive without smart clothing, as we have for most of our lives. We can survive without any technology actually. At one point in time we had to. But that’s why technology is a thing, we don’t want to live like caveman, and we don’t have to. The standard of life continues to get better with time. Looking back in time life today seems easier, more enjoyable, with technology, at least to me. We have the ability to travel across continents and oceans, we have the ability to talk to people 500 miles away from us. Just think to what life will be like in another 20 years.

Technology is what we make it. It has brought good things just as it has brought bad things. The YouTube video Is Technology Good or Bad? has a nice way of putting together the good things technology brought us and the bad. The video also states that technology is what we make it, and we decide how to translate it. Everyone has a different belief, everyone is affected by technology in a different way. We are the ones that shape how technology will evolve.


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