Reflection 9&10 – Zeina Akl

This weeks focus was on using social networking and media to effect behavioral change in people.  One video was a man explaining how to increase ones social network to help in nonprofit fundraising.  He was raising money  in a program called Pencils of Promise by biking across Canada.  Increasing his social network and using a concept called jabbing he was able to join Twitter conversations and make his circle bigger and direct people to his site.  This active approach was very interesting.  On the other hand, the clinical trials that attempted to use social networking sites and getting college students to promote well being were clearly flawed as they lacked resource, time, participation and most importantly lacked originality and ingenuity.  Frankly even the college video was not any different than thousands of other videos on the internet.  To go truly viral, a message has to be passionate and deeply connect and motivate its audience.  The trials were not measuring up.  I would suggest using a viral personality to promote wellness and learn from their success to develop a whole program. And example of a successful advertising program that was developed following a viral event was the NFL player that said “I am going to Disney world”  after that initial event in 1988, Disney developed a whole campaign that was very successful.





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