Reflection 9&10: Adan Raacha

The topic to discus in week 9 is about social media advertisement in health,  Social media already conquer the world in whatever people doing on it, in health i agree social media is the best way to advertise to people about health, social is easy way to reach to everyone when comparing other way of advertising, special in our generation everyone has at least some device that they can use to go to social media. and reading in a article from week 9 one best thing i read was about the new wearable devices that help to promote health, for example we already had fitbit, moov now which help to maintain or track there daily workout, but one of the new that come out that most of people never expect to happen is a new Nike hijab for Muslim or any other people who desire to wear it, many years hijab was disallowed in many sport or

even big event like Olympicimg_0077-1cs which was unfair those Muslims girls. but now not just Nike hijab was make but theirs other thing that you can wear to track yours.ecg-smart-shirt


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