Reflection 9 & 10

In my opinion sleep is one of the most important things for me here at college, and I am pretty sure any other student would agree with me. After reading the article “9 gadgets to help you get a better nights sleep” I have found there are many things involving technology to help someone all asleep. Though many of these “gadgets” are very pricey I would invest in a lot of the ones I read about. Two of the “gadgets” I found most fascinating were the Sleep Number bed and the Philips wake up light. Who wouldn’t want a sleep number bed, and the Philips light is a natural light that comes on in morning so it is not as harsh on your eyes as a regular light would be or if you were to open the curtain and the sun was shining through. I would like to test out many of these products to see if I would get a better nights sleep.

Next I want to talk about the Power Nap HQ for the iPhone. I find this app hard to understand because I guess it can track your sleep while just being on the bed with you. So if you want to take a power nap then you get the app open it set it up and just lay it on your bed. How does this work? I guess I will have to get it to see if this is all a fib. It is said to be similar to sleep tracking apps but this app is specifically meant for power napping.



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