Week 9 & ten reflection

This weeks topics had a surprising list of technological health advancements. The article referring to the senor riddled smart scarf is one of the first ordinary looking items of clothing that tracks your health on the go. the project was not only designed ti help those who want to keep track of their health it also helps those with autism, by controlling outbursts and uncontrollable feelings. this scarf even has the ability to change temperature.

Flash nerds twitter account has a verity of amazing new clothing advancements that mold style and technology into one package. I believe a lot of the clothing being featured will be common place in the next 20-30 years. one shirt i found particularly interesting was a mold of multiple wearable health technology devices molded into one long sleeve dry-fit style shirt that looks something like this.  C9Iet_-XoAAgklD.jpg large

this kind of tech embedded into the material of clothing is the next step in human evolution in a literal sense. behind hyper aware of how your body is currently reacting to its environment and being able to access abnormalities in the body’s processes will ultimately prevent many difficult to catch illnesses and diseases.

A huge part of today’s society relies on viral story’s and articles to get new relevant information. The ALS ice bucket challenge is a perfect example of a good cause going viral for the right reasons. Although the message of ALS awareness was somewhat lost along the way the ice bucket challenge will be remembered in my generation for a long time to come. Marketing has become more important than ever a viral or even semi popular video or article can make a company millions. The amount raised for ALS was only achievable because of the way the message was delivered.





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