Project Round 3 – Pinterest

I chose Pinterest for the social media project because Pinterest is a huge creative outlet for people to share their ideas. Pinterest is great when you don’t know where to begin with your fitness journey, for new recipes, for tips, for natural remedies, and so much more. Once you get on, it’s pretty hard to log off!

From what you can see on my HealthHabits board, there are endless ideas on so many different topics in the health category. Including: yoga poses, daily steps to reducing stress, meal prep, ways to improve brain power, benefits of drinking enough water per day, smoothie recipes, superfoods, motivating quotes, proper form during exercise, portion control, meditation, and more. I find these topics so interesting to learn about because there are endless possibilities and there is always something new to learn.




Although I had issues finding my way into the account and was therefore behind a few days, I was able to find 67 different pins, and followed 23 different accounts. Over the course of 2 days, I was able to reach 6 followers. I learned during this project that persistence can take you far in the social media world. Making connections is made very easy with the internet.

In the future, I think that growing this account would be simple by following as many accounts that are health related as possible, many people on Pinterest tend to follow back. Pinning posts from those accounts would be a great way to network and then find accounts on other social media platforms.

Pinterest Project Video


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