Projects Round 3: Alexia Esposito(Photo)

Photo on 4-5-17 at 4.45 PM.jpg

The Photo App that I used to edit the pictures I have chosen to use was Photo Lab. I have used this app on other various occasions. I have had this app on my phone for a while, personally I would rate this app a 5/5. You can edit pictures by adding backgrounds, enhancing the lighting and contrast, adding different overlays, filters and text to your photos. Some of the cons is that you have to pay to get some of filters, overlays and background images you could choose from. The pros overcome the cons on this specific app though, at least in my own personal opinion. To add more to the pros list, the app is always available for you to use as long as you have it downloaded to your phone. Its not one of those apps that glitches or escapes on you, it always stays up and running. There are different options as where you can upload the image after you are done editing it as well.



Here I used the border option and added another picture to the background of the original photo I selected.

IMG_6552.JPGHere I used a more modern filter to add to the flower to make it look moreĀ authentic.IMG_6537.JPG

Here I added an overlay that had to do with lighting.IMG_6548.JPG

Here I used the overlays and added a pattern to the picture as well as edited the rest of the picture.

Check my photo app review out!


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